Iraqi talks Turkish building and enter them Jneptan Marine Service

General Company confirmed for Iraq under the Ministry of Transportation that intensive meetings headed by fleet manager Mahdi Ali Askar with the concerned owners of the company, with the Turkish side in order to discuss the final steps of the building Ganeptan operations and enter them into service in the Iraqi Navy by the end of the year 2015. A source in the company In a statement seen by Ckava our economy news agency that he Ganeptan on standby for receiving, articulating in this regard had been agreed with the Turkish side to engage Angels maritime transport training courses before receipt, He explained that the pleural first, namely, (Asma'i) with tonnage of 500 tons, will provide fresh water ships will enter into the country would ship on a Turkish ship transport, while the second stage will tender (Qurna) with tonnage of 2,500 tonnes, the supply of heavy fuel and light in the territorial waters of ships.
The source revealed for carrying out special issuing task certificates pertaining Ganaib and its work, which will be delivered during the next few days for the purpose of facilitating the task of entering Ganaib to the country through the Persian Gulf through the Suez Canal transactions.
and between it and after the opening line (Iraq - India) Navigating to transport merchandise, the company has succeeded in the development of a new shipping line to transport goods to and from India to Bwaka, which promise to start to deal with the rest of the Asian and European countries, particularly since the company has shown its willingness to do so.
The source pointed out that the director of the company Abdul Karim Knhl, instructed