Parliamentary Integrity plans to open channels of communication with the Chalabi family to get the files of corruption

It announced that the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, it will open channels of communication with the Chairman of the Finance Committee of the deceased Ahmed Chalabi family for corruption files that told her shortly before his death. He said the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary member Adel Nouri said in a statement that "the Integrity Committee met with Chalabi before his death to discuss a number of issues, including money laundering by some officials and smuggling large amounts to banks and foreign countries." Nuri said that "Chalabi has a major corruption files condemns senior officials in the state," adding that "the Commission will open communication channels with the last of his family in order to get these files." The promise of a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Commission, Chalabi's recent comments about his intention to expose corruption files in his possession as "was the reason for his death." The leader of the Iraqi National Congress (ANC) and head of the parliamentary finance committee, Ahmad Chalabi, died last Tuesday, as a result of cardiac arrest with his family questioned because of his death and asked for an autopsy to make sure the real reason.