Contractor suing Kalegran LTD members of MOL Group for breach of contract in Kurdistan

ERBIL-Hewler, Kurdistan region ‘Iraq’,— A contractor involved in the build-out of a new office center for Hungarian consulate within the same building of the oil company is suing the Kalegran for failing to pay as agreed-upon per the contract. RCE&S, filed suit against The Kalegran LTD oil and Gas company member of MOL GROUP, in Erbil. Ankawa, Civil District Court on November 4, 2015. This comes after a pending lawsuit was filed on January 2015, for delinquent rent payment. According to the court clerk there are at least two more lawsuits pending against the Kalegran LTD oil company, for nonpayment, as of now this brings the total lawsuits to four. On May 13, 2014, The RCE&S and Kalegran LTD member of MOL GROUP, entered into a construction contract to build-out the office building for Hungarian Consulate in the total contract value of over $800,000. . The plaintiff claims Kalegran LTD is in breach of contract for nonpayment, several notices has been sent to the giant oil company to pay and abide by their agreement without any success. The plaintiff is seeking the principal amount of the work owed and attorneys’ fees. The plaintiff is represented by attorneys Dr. Ibrahim Sindy and Rebwar Gardy, Al mustasharun law firm Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq. Lukman Surji, Kurdistan Business News, Iraqi Kurdistan region.