Abadi is seeking to form a political front made up of 200 seats in Parliament with the support of the reference

Newspaper, Saudi life, on Sunday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi discussed with the religious authority in Najaf yesterday the formation of a political front made ​​up of 200 seats in parliament. The newspaper said in a report on its issue today, "The meetings focused on the importance of forming a broad political front to pass Political reforms proposed by Abadi that, "indicating that" al-Abadi seeks to that the number of seats that front up to two hundred, at least, includes chest Tiare and Hakim, and a Sunni forces, in addition to part of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc. "The newspaper pointed out that" the pressures faced by Abadi, necessitated his quest to receive the support of al-Sistani in a direct form, especially that against him Front led by al-Maliki and the group of lawmakers in the «rule of law», backed by a group of influential armed Shiite factions in the political decision-making, and finally sought its attempts to overthrow the government. "The Abadi concluded yesterday evening visit to the province of Najaf lasted for several hours, met through references religion (Mohammed Said al-Hakim, Sheikh Muhammad Ishaq al-Fayad, Sheikh Bashir al-Najafi, Sheikh Mohammed al-Yacoubi) as well as the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.