Corruption topples largest plan for economic development in Iraq to make the dollar equivalent Danarh

Informed sources revealed told our economy news that the plan developed in 2007 almost sunset strength of the Iraqi dinar to Mkant it before the blockade and the level of the dinar draw with the dollar and the plan was based on the increase of Iraqi cash reserves to more than $ 350 billion, depending on developments in oil prices increase and regulate laws Tax and customs consumer domestic product protection, also included Alkth deletion of zeros and turn each category 25 000 dinars to 25 dinars, accompanied by a gradual increase in the cash reserve outweigh the text trillion dollars, and increase the liquidity of the local currency to almost double the monetary reserves, so the dollar is equivalent to the Iraqi dinar or Evoukoh text of the currency to be competitive in the region with the presence of more than $ 200 billion handled by the local market for private sector development and the creation of effective local investment companies. But this plan, which was supposed movement of Iraq's economic stage to another Ajhiha corruption, especially after 2009, where the same sources estimated that the money that fled from Iraq exceeds $ 350 billion, depending on the currency auction and import of goods is a necessary sales or estimated bills size for fake goods, and the money went, according to the sources of smuggled into the pockets of beneficiary figures or to the interface of the economic problems caused by the financial crisis, regional countries or from political problems.