Expert calls for the need to develop awareness programs for banks

On: Friday 2/17/2012 7:07

Baghdad / range
proposed banking expert Mohsen Ali awareness programs banking by monetary policy to the citizen for his guidance in how to deal with the technologies of banking business.
Ali said, according to the Agency (news) that the local banks, two branches of public and private face difficulties in how to deal with the citizen being ignorant of many things pertaining to banking and Sukuk savings and withdrawal of funds, etc., caused by lack of awareness of banking in the country

He added that monetary policy should take its role in raising awareness and counseling bank of the citizen through his handling of traditional techniques currently used in most banks, as it has become necessary and must be dealt with.
He explained: that the conditions of some banks, especially community do not allow the introduction of modern banking technologies applicable in the Most international banks in their work, pointing out that the process relies on electronic technology and a lot did not know these techniques,
The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed revealed in time for a study of the use of new techniques, called B (banks phone) in the banking, that is, the process of converting bank account are made ​​by the mobile device to facilitate a lot of transactions between banks and the public.
He pointed out: that (80) percent of the citizens do not deal with banks in the process of farewell and the transfer of an account.