(Range) begin the deployment of corruption prepared by Chalabi file and was on the verge of full declaration of its proceedings before his death

Baghdad / term - For years under the late Dr. Ahmad Chalabi, a member of the House of Representatives Chairman of the Finance Committee in which the head of the Iraqi National Congress, a busy financial and administrative corruption issues of major, at the forefront of the issue of smuggling billions of dollars out of the country through the fake financial companies mostly bankers freshman exhausted these billions from the treasury State and people's livelihood, which led to the emptiness of the treasury and the disruption of economic and service many projects, as well as issues related to what is known as "lagging projects", which projects spent by the billions and hundreds of millions of dollars has not been completed despite the passage of years supposed to terminate appointments, including projects related to the production of electrical energy and other subsidiaries of the secretariat of Baghdad and a number of provinces.

And since the late Chalabi presidency of the Finance Committee in the current parliament set itself revealed the details of these dangerous files, especially foreign currency smuggling a file, and has already succeeded in cooperation with other members of the Committee and state officials in the collection of hundreds of documents which prepared the report submitted by the Committee Other Destinations including the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and the prime minister. As Chalabi told the "long" at the time he received valuable cooperation from the Ministry of Finance and its Minister Hoshyar Zebari in revealing the facts of this file and others.

In many of his statements and press and television interviews, as well as interventions in the House of Representatives, it was the late Chalabi has warned strongly from the severe consequences of the continuing phenomenon of administrative, financial and aggravated corruption, and in a televised interview a few weeks before his death warned of the worsening financial and economic situation unless there are reforms quick and seriousness during subsequent weeks, Chalabi said that "the economic situation is exacerbated and complicated and there are serious consequences if you fix things have not been quickly and seriously within weeks to take bold decisions and change people from their positions and tackle corruption and take action against the waste of public money."

And download Chalabi responsibility for the repercussions of the collapse of the financial structure of the country's previous government and the central bank is described as "gangs" that control the market price, and said that "the cause of the economic collapse is the period of rule from 2006 to 2014 where Iraq entered the amount of $ 551 billion and the government has imported a total of 115 billion dollars, the central bank sold to banks and civil amount of $ 312 billion, adding that "This is the amount you missed ($ 312 billion), it could build a cash reserve."

Chalabi revealed that "limbs to political pressure on the central bank to increase the banks' allocations auctions to meet the amounts and there memorandums within the Central Bank these politicians of the House of Representatives and the names of the government."

The late Chalabi briefed Foundation "long" early on the facts of this file and deposited since the copy of the contents of the institution in the hope of starting to deploy relation to this file in the time prescribed by it, as he was waiting for the positions of others, and including the Supreme religious authority in Najaf, which was looking forward to getting their support to open this file and others from files that reveal serious mafia and corruption in the country which has ties and glue of senior officials in this state activities.

Now Dr. Chalabi has gone from this world, the term institution finds itself obliged to implement what was agreed upon with the late Chalabi.

(Range Press) published here one currency smuggling, prepared by the late Chalabi file issues, and published newspaper (range) from tomorrow photographs of the documents along with this report, to continue the (long-Presse), and satellite-term and newspaper-term deployment of the rest of the issues related to this file and other files, respectively, according to his her late Chalabi.