Without the budget and investment allocations deputies refuse to provide external debt

Our economy / Baghdad - Government continues its efforts for the second year to find a non-oil sources of funding, especially since next year's budget allocations are free of any investment projects are being developed or working out.

Where said Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Adviser to the appearance of Mohammed Saleh that the notch investment in the 2016 budget amounted to 29 trillion dinars and the limited budget deficit.

And Saleh said the government has measures to bridge this gap and to provide funds for investment projects, including internal as well as external lending, whether from international financial organizations or from friendly states.

Saleh explained that there are efforts to activate the tax laws and customs and the collection of the money owed to the state to fill the shortfall.

He said that 73% of the budget is the operational terms of public sector salaries and expenses of the other country and has allocated 84 trillion dinars from the budget of 106 trillion dinars and the remaining volume is intended for investment projects that are supplied.

To that refusal Chairman of the Economic Committee Jawad al-going external debt and said certain that Parliament will reject any move of the government towards the external debt and called on the government to adopt a mechanism of internal borrowing and activating investment by giving land to investors or rely on payment on credit to activate the investment process and focus on the profitability of projects.