The concerns of the country. Salary escalation of the crisis

Sergeant Abdul Rahman Mohammed no longer Iraqi citizens need to show what the situation of the country in various walks of life, the economy collapsed and cholera disaster ended health and poor service and a scarcity of medicines and the iceberg and education drove Iraq from even the possibility of participating in the measurement within the global levels of several large minimum and political conflict reached its height until it became the law of the jungle controlled by instincts so we cannot promise the State and maybe soon we will call for the help of the runs we everyday Although we knew in the initial studies that in Iraq the oldest civilizations in the universe and that civil housing our thousands of years ago the first books and the first to enact laws and the first man and the first life systems without history thus that our ancestors were first to everything and our experienced localization of the first human beings, what happened to us today to live in darkness underdevelopment attract one another us endless conflicts, even in the way of worship to God-Aziz Al-Hakim who is alone in the Holy Qur'an, although Fina Wise men race in do good for the sake of God does not want to sanction and not show their gratitude and their God extending a helping hand every time and each of which can mean interruptions so what sight did not listen to the guidance and advice and guidance while rush them in all their distress and we call for the help of every severity and then return it if we intersect with astute us things they tend to right wrongs and that ample evidence.

And I don't want that Amjad role religious reference wise is indispensable and more than a few lines commends sew her one but what alerted him soon about the phenomenon and deepened the gap between Government and the governed is increasing its impact as a result of the great difference in salaries as one of demands advocated by weekly demonstrations on Friday and invited to address and put an outline so it was one of the Prime Minister's reform packages that put new ladder for salaries instead of addressing the problem Mission in the country increased this insult peace demonstrations that were only on Friday, only a week and limited to large urban centres has expanded and spread out in all cities and even participated, was standing on the sidewalk spectator as they hit in the heart in his living and his family and override instructions from him was about to demonstrate that not only demonstrates a widening gap between the people and the Government which supposedly elected to satisfy the interests and a new escalation in the confrontation between them and naturally this means that wrong What has become reality if needed to address new and serious either Government to undo the pay scales or people who restored his representatives in Parliament to consider the mandate Mr. Abbadi.

Know that the beginning of demonstrations were demanding improved electricity and reduce hours pieces but it was fertile and that reflects both his demand on demand if the us find great Sella of accusations about the Government's failure in the performance of its duties the infinite and endless and if by alerting the dopey to overlook it revealed new files were pressing demands have become less obtrusive ceiling mounting no detail spared of legislative, judicial and Executive sounds rose sharply despite attempts to silence her and worse And the fact that the authorities themselves are tossing accusations corners with them all trying hard to prove several of corruption through cancelling other increases panic Street and fear of the dark future that awaits him and that this increased the public who do not wrap around and don't force them on rational religious reference as a symbol of national stakeholders and in the interest of the people but this is part of the legitimate mandate to transcend itself from access in politics directly, it was Mr. Haidar Abadi safe haven for people The protester, grant absolute powers that it needs to reform, but the other hit a rock not powerless in the face of it beyond the borders of the State and territory but is a global problem, what can the Abadi or submit with lower oil prices and the consequent decline in the imports of a federal State which inevitably leads to a shortfall in the Government's commitments towards its people.

The Department of State as a federal Iraq needed construction and development and catching up to other neighbouring States not developed subject to influence and interactions of several great powers is not easy, not easy at hand if it is serious about responsible reform does not reasonably informed people of reason, wisdom and strong direct influence to convince the volatile Street nor find fault with him hiring expertise and competence in planning ahead even though per week and must be on the cluster that participate with him in his isnaad through Educate people and shared rules also required austerity and inter-Arab differences, to overcome the current economic crisis affecting all at the same time that he must impose the prestige of the State and law, hitting strongly on each hand extends to the poor to public money, revealing to everyone walking steps very transparent and more national media help.

It is true that the Federal Government in the current circumstance needed austerity, but not at the expense of the employee, the new salary scale did not seek to eliminate the disparities between high concerned referred to by reference to that, said the spokesman for the Office of the Federal Prime Minister Saad Al-Hadithi did not address allocations are House disease no one has the right to equate has high qualification or great service and his years of not more than the fingers of one hand and the school gained a simple this is not Is controversy but what limitation is special privileges for example job grades high and austerity that goes to expenditure sections walhzer horrible spent Government cars outside official use, for example, and sowing the State departments in furniture and accessories, desktops and even paper and mechanisms dealing with the citizens during routine audits much less bureaucracy by the senior officials segment with people.