Office Abadi: our bills of Parliament being incompatible with expenditure reforms

Orient-news attributed the Office Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi of the Government's decision to withdraw dozens of bills from the House of representatives to "lack of compatibility with the reforms and Government spending". Spokesman Saad Al-Hadithi, in an interview: "the subject of withdrawal of bills was for two reasons, the first is that many of these projects made in the reign of previous Governments were in financial conditions quite different from current financial envelope in the Iraq, with significant financial burdens on the budget of the country when oil prices were at the peak of its ascent and exceeded the $ 100, and the price is now about $ 40 in the case of the adoption of these laws sent from former Government incurred considerable financial burdens cannot Government to meet them and that these laws were withdrawn ". He said "the other reason is that these bills should take the Government programme approved by Parliament, the reforms undertaken by the Government at this stage into consideration, must be compatible and harmonious legal legislation with reform agenda, support for government action in this area, prompting the Government to withdraw the projects sent by the previous Government and that it is under study and audit and research by experts in the Council of Ministers, to reformulate some of the projects again and sent back to Parliament". Hadithi stressed: "some of the Bills were withdrawn where his Government cannot finance current spending it the way that she spent the previous government financial situation differed

And approval of such projects means that there is a financial commitment the Government cannot do, so check out these projects to review this aspect which ". He added: "many of these laws are inconsistent and incompatible with the reform agenda and vision of government reform now is for this to be confirmation of the draft laws are consistent with the Government programme and the new campaign of reforms undertaken by the Government".