Reference: no restriction and no launch reforms. President of the Government and Parliament make clear to Najaf as they and their

Baghdad-in the first visit of its kind since years, arrived on Wednesday in Najaf, Prime Minister and Parliament separately for talks Najaf references and clarify ambiguous aspects of the image of the political realities in Iraq and the implications of reforms on the street. Major said the incoherence of the legislative and executive branches of religious references less than 24 hours after a permit for supported Sistani, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi karbalai said: "it was stressed from the outset that those reforms are going to stay on the paths, constitutional and legal frameworks, but we must also stress that no one should take the necessary constitutional and legal track sponsored means by the legislature (Parliament) or other remedial steps to circumvent or procrastination, and procrastination by taking advantage of the dip Popular pressure at this time ". This reference is made to the test, authorities neither endorsed the reforms launched and not accepted by Parliament, and called on both sides to abide by the Constitution. Al-Abbadi's Office hurried to make a statement, he said: ęthat Abbadi, met in Najaf with Sistani, Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammed Ishaq Al-Fayad. He said:

'' It was during the meeting discussed political and security challenges and the country's economic addition to our hero's war against terrorist groups and the general situation in the country. Latest news from Najaf that ended the meeting with Fayad Al-Abbadi began a second visit to the religious authority, Sheikh Bashir Najafi. According to observers, '' the Al-Abbadi will be unable to meet the reference that the effect of waiting for practical steps from the Prime Minister to ensure that the constitutional reforms. Either declared Parliament Speaker's visit to Najaf, a tribal Conference "with the aim of supporting national reconciliation efforts. Najaf Governor Loai Al-yasiri told reporters: '' that Abbadi also meet walgbori, leader of the sadrist movement of Moqtada Sadr, as o attend a luncheon with religious references.