Iraq's PM calls on Barzani to postpone territorial disputes after the liberation of cities of daash

A coalition called United to fix Osama Al-nujaifi Chairman of Kurdistan Massud Barzani on Saturday, to postpone territorial disputes after the liberation of cities of daash.

His Office said in a statement that "Tehran met President of Kurdistan region, and discussed preparations and preparations for the battle of Nineveh was also the subject of cooperation between the national and the peshmerga forces build-up in preparation for Armageddon against terrorism a priority in the interests of both parties".
He added that "the two sides discussed the situation of displaced persons, displaced persons and the means adopted to alleviate their suffering, and emphasized that the theme of the displaced remains deep humanitarian crisis and will only end with the liberation of their lands, and their return, also discussed the political situation in Iraq, Barzani, expressed concern about the situation in Tehran, noting the need to uphold the Constitution and the political agreement and legal constructs in situation".
The statement noted that "the two sides discussed the internal situation in Kurdistan, where Tehran stressed the importance of stability and postpone the disputed matters until the completion of fight against terrorism, priority should be given to fighter daash and edit cities and territory".
The two sides also reviewed the results of the Turkish elections and its implications on Turkey and the region in General and welcomed these results, and stressed Tehran supported Barzani praised the important role in the political process in Iraq and the region "