Al-Jabouri of Najaf: we are continuing with the reforms and their

The head of the House of Salim Al-jubouri-visiting Najaf province-to support government reforms to proceed.

He said al-Jabouri clan rally held in the southern Najaf freedom that "sons of clans in Tikrit and Salahaddin, Anbar, owe to the Central and southern clans by their sacrifices to liberate their gangs daash.
He added, "we are with the reforms in all the State institutions are involved in this step".
He was speaker of the House of Salim al-Jabouri arrived today to Najaf.
Al-jubouri's remarks came the day after rejecting the Supreme religious authority for what it called "wrap and procrastination" House in implementing reforms.
The representative of reference in Karbala, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi karbalai, in a speech Friday that "it was certainly from the outset that those reforms are going to stay on the paths, constitutional and legal frameworks, but here also stressed that it should not take the necessary constitutional and legal track sponsored means by the legislature [Parliament] or other remedial steps to circumvent or procrastination, and procrastination by taking advantage of the declining public pressure at this time".
Parliament voted on its Monday rejection do delegate any legislative competences entrusted to it by the Constitution and the separation of powers, what irritated.