Abadi up the city of Najaf to meet al-Sistani
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Thread: Abadi up the city of Najaf to meet al-Sistani

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    Abadi up the city of Najaf to meet al-Sistani

    Remember..Chalabi handed the corruption files to Sistani

    Abadi up the city of Najaf to meet al-Sistani By Roudao 10 hours ago

    Sistani and al-Sadr and al-Abadi

    Roudao - Erbil

    Arrived Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the city of Najaf on Saturday morning, to meet top religious authority, Ali al-Sistani.

    The visit comes a day after al-Sistani warning to the Iraqi Council of Representatives of exploiting concerns about legal reforms announced by Abadi as a pretext to block it.

    Informed sources said that al-Abadi hold talks with al-Sistani, on political issues and the current situation in the country, adding that al-Abadi will also meet a number of in Najaf, the Shiite religious references.

    And the voice of the Iraqi Council of Representatives unanimously on Monday (2/11/2015) in favor of preventing the government from implementing reforms without his consent, and considered it a violation of the Constitution, including the dismissal of the Vice-President and reduce the salaries of government employees.

    Sistani said in a speech delivered by his assistant on Friday, said that the reforms "have given some hope of obtaining real changes can be moving the country towards the desired goal. It was emphasized from the outset on the need for such reforms going in the paths do not come out on constitutional and legal frameworks."

    "It has to be here also emphasized that there should not be unnecessary care of the constitutional and legal path taken way by the legislature or other to circumvent the reform steps or procrastination in carrying out exploitation of waning public pressure at this time."


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    Re: Abadi up the city of Najaf to meet al-Sistani

    Law reveals L reasons to visit Abadi al-Jubouri sudden Najaf Najaf

    07.11.2015 at 11:43 (GMT Baghdad)

    Special - scales News

    MP for the coalition of state law, Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, Saturday, about the reasons for the visit of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Parliament Speaker Salim al-Najaf, ruling that the reference may be corrupted files received from the National Congress leader Ahmad Chalabi.

    Jafar said L / scales News /, that "there is not a program of work to visit the main cabinet and the House of Representatives Haider Abadi and Saleem al-Jubouri to Najaf and visited one of them did not know each other."

    He added that "the reasons for the visit is on the religious authority calls in her engagement yesterday on the real and realistic reforms and discussed as well as the recent changes that have occurred in the province of Najaf from the dismissal of the governor and other floods suffered by the ethnic city as well as visit religious references bones."

    He ruled Jaafar, that "may be a reference received large file corruption of Finance Committee Chairman Ahmad Chalabi before his death, or is a party," pointing out that "the rumors about it is logical and there are concerned about corruption views."

    "This has all of the Abadi al-Jubouri, arrived this morning to Najaf to meet with religious references bones in a surprise visit."

    "And raised the subject of the religious authority received a large corruption by Chalabi file the day before his death," .anthy / 29/4 e


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