Reference rejects procrastination of Parliament on reforms wants IMPLEMENTATION
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Thread: Reference rejects procrastination of Parliament on reforms wants IMPLEMENTATION

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    Reference rejects procrastination of Parliament on reforms wants IMPLEMENTATION


    Reidar Visser ‏@reidarvisser 11h11 hours ago
    In Friday prayers, #Iraq's Shia clergy attacks parliament for its "procrastination" on reform policies of PM Abadi[/B]

    Actual Article Titile below..had to cut it short to fit above news thread headline:

    Reference rejects [procrastination and wrap] Parliament on reforms and emphasizes the implementation [expanded]

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    It rejected the Supreme religious authority, what they described as "taking notice and procrastination," the House of Representatives in the implementation of reforms, stressing at the same time "to implement cooperation with the government."

    The House of Representatives voted at its last Monday to support reforms and the separation of powers to implement them, "denying at the same time," he mandate of any legislative powers entrusted to him under the Constitution. "
    For his part, counting the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the parliament's decision as "wrong message" accusing "some quarters [which he did not name] trying to bring the conflict between the authorities," stressing "his determination and his determination to continue reforms and the fight against corruption and not be undone despite the challenges and obstacles."
    The representative of reference in Karbala, Sheikh Abdel Mahdi al-Karbalai, in a Friday sermon from inside the saucer-Husseini al-Sharif "several months ago, and because of the increasing public pressure to make reforms, there have been a good opportunity for response officials demands reforms and issued decisions and actions for this purpose in several areas, although not Mazhma affect the essence of the reform is necessary, but it gave some hope for a real change in the country could be moving towards the desired goal. "
    "It has been emphasized from the outset on the need to walk those reforms paths do not come out for the constitutional and legal frameworks, but to be here also to emphasize that it should not take unnecessary care of the constitutional path and legal way by the legislature [parliament] or other to circumvent the reform steps or procrastination to carry out exploitation of waning public pressure at this time. "
    And between Karbalai that "the verification process of reform, which is essential, is linked to the measures taken by the three powers, legislative, executive and judicial, of the real action in this regard, and then only with the existence of the will of the serious and sincere desire for reform and the eradication of corruption and the advancement of the country, and the smooth and effective Those measures vested in cooperation and coordination and mutual understanding between the three authorities and not the intersection leading to derail this process. "
    The representative of the reference that "the reform of the government system in the country calls for the adoption of the principle of efficiency, experience and integrity in receipt of sites in official and jobs away from quotas partisan and sectarian, ethnic, as well as the fight against corruption and to hold corrupt and reduce unnecessary expenditures which are many and varied, all of which are the demands of popular right basic and indispensable to address crisis situations and big problems suffered by the Iraqi people, such as unemployment and poor services and increasing poverty rate and other ".
    And the increasing incidence of attacks on medical personnel in Iraq and caused the migration of doctors abroad Karbalai stressed the stakeholders need to fight this phenomenon, "attributing them to" double the prestige of the law in the state. "
    "It has increased in recent phenomenon shows doctors in some areas to the threat of kidnapping, murder and financial blackmail and that the continuation of this phenomenon and not to speed up addressing them lead to a further imbalance in the health system, which suffers mainly from the many problems that hinder doctors performance in carrying out their duties humanitarian treatment of patients in The good think to immigrate to countries provide safe and suitable atmosphere for them. "
    He said the "reasons of this phenomenon is the weakness of the prestige of law in the country that gave way for some to use his influence and tribal custom to attack others."
    The representative of the supreme religious authority on the "urgent need to activate the security measures to protect medical staff and strict application of the law against the aggressors and counter wise people and the people of the wisdom of tribal exploitation of any known clan and taken a means of blackmail and threats."
    "Various media also called on citizens to raise awareness and educate a statement extensive damage that may cause the medicine in Iraq if this trend continues."
    He recommended Karbalai "The doctors who are making a lot of efforts to treat patients slice, addressing some workers in the medical services in insufficient to take care of the sick may cause obtaining some problems with their families, we also remind doctors who are driven by some wrong practices of migration out of Iraq that the country needs to sacrifice, patience and endurance in these difficult days and should make heroes of those who fight in the fronts against Daash set a good example and an example in sacrifice and patriotism and sacrifice for the sake of preservation and service of his sons. "
    The Council of Ministers approved in its meeting on the 27th of last month on the proposals contained in the book of the Ministry of Health, who pointed to the great efforts made by medical and health personnel to citizens and combatants and the reasons for the attacks and ways to address them also decided to take measures to protect medical and health cadres of cases of abuse by Moatnn motivated clan or some members of the security services.
    The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers stressed yesterday the need to take deterrent measures to curb the attacks on the hospital and its employees, including doctors, referring to "take a series of new measures, including contributing to the provision of adequate protection for government facilities to ensure the safety of doctors from attacks also subject to abuses and the kidnapping of physical and blackmail , and through the joint cooperation between the relevant authorities and its subsidiary bodies ".anthy
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