​Announces the arrest of the judiciary responsible for the bombing "a beautiful Alwa"

Baghdad / JAMC According to the achievement of the first Rusafa court to arrest responsible for the bombing of a beautiful Alwa in Baghdad, saying it belongs to the terrorist organization Daash. Deputy Prosecutor in Court judge Fadel largest Tawfiq said in a statement to (Media Center Authority Alqdhaiah- JAMC), that "the intelligence department and the fight against terrorism in South Rusafa arrested in coordination with our Court on one Daash terrorists organization". He added that "the defendant admitted responsibility for the bombing of detailed (pretty Alwa) last, which killed nearly 200 dead and wounded," noting that "his words judicially ratified." He pointed out that "confessions by the accused included the granting of a bribe to associate some security for the purpose of stopping Jlth and Ohm citizens that sells tomatoes cheaply from the rest of the markets." He stressed that "the sale of the goods process lasted for two days, the accused in order to gain the confidence of people who had gathered around him a lot, and leave the place under the pretext of going to eat breakfast at a restaurant." He pointed out that "the wheel was the bomb was detonated by a mobile phone where Sticky been contacted about it yet."