Parliamentary investment: mood "officials" in ministries to prevent contracting with national laboratories

Attributed to the economic and investment commission in Parliament member Mohammed Abbas, on Thursday, the reason for not signing some ministries and government institutions with local companies and laboratories to the "mood" of government officials, stressing that his committee will go to questioning those officials in the absence of their response to the recommendation filed by the parliament to the government to contract with those companies and laboratories.

Abbas said L / scales News /, said that "we have a large number of local companies and national laboratories, which can fill the local need of the country in many of the needs of the state ministries and government institutions," revealing at the same time "the existence of" mood "among some officials to prevent them from contracting with national laboratories, as well as the existence of other reasons, including personal benefits to these officials after contracting with foreign companies. "

He said a member of the Committee of Economy in Parliament, "we raised earlier recommendation to the Government to compel the ministries of the state to contract with companies and national laboratories, but if adhered to was not at the required level," pointing out that "will be questioned officials who fail to comply with this recommendation in Parliament in order to learn Their reasons for that. "
It mentions that "the parliamentary finance committee member Sarhan Ahmad confirmed, earlier, that the activation of local industries will strengthen the financial resources in Iraq, while pointing out that the completion of the industry in the country will sing the Iraqi budget and reduce expenses, especially if they rely on self-financing."