Reconstruction is discussing with the Chinese telecom company Huawei plans and future projects

BAGHDAD / ... Search and Minister of Construction and Housing, Municipalities, Tariq Kikhany, with representatives of the Chinese company Huawei for Atslat strategic plans and projects and future communications and service projects and the method of cooperation with the ministry. The minister said in a statement: "Eye Iraq News" received a copy of "The ministry is an urgent need to develop and implement electronic systems according to the latest international standards for doing business in a fast and sophisticated and the duration of a short time in order to implement e-governance and facilitate the actions that are within the government program of the state and this development keep pace with developed countries electronically opens up future prospects for the better. "

He expressed Kikhany according to the statement "welcomed the collaboration and contracting with major specialized in this field, including the Chinese Huawei because of its large and active role to serve the development of the electronic level in business management and communication within the ministry of foreign companies." And between the minister, "it was the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the ministry and the company requires the construction of a number of residential complexes projects and projects of roads, bridges and water projects in a manner of payment on credit or investment, for its part the company expressed willingness in the building free of charge and that in case of emergency in the event of the ministry requested from the company." .