Vice reveals talks to reach a new oil deal between Baghdad and Erbil

Alsumaria News / Baghdad - Detection of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary member Mahabs Razak, on Friday, the existence of talks between the federal government and the province of Kurdistan for the conclusion of a new oil agreement is similar to the previous agreement, stressing that the region has to "breach" the previous agreement.

Said Mahabs in an interview with Alsumaria News, that "there are talks underway between the federal government and the Kurdistan region for a new agreement between the parties," adding that "According to my information is nothing new in the new agreement similar previous agreement oil which content export region 550 000 barrels of oil of Kurdistan Kirkuk and across SOMO, and Baghdad paid to the province, what comes out, and that the federal government is not committed to pay in the absence of the export of the region."

He explained that "the oil agreement within the budget of 2015 the law was binding on the government and the province," noting that "the region breach of the agreement, and Baghdad had been committed."

The presidency of the Kurdistan region called Diwan, in (October 28, 2015), to oil deal "clear" between the province and the center, and as pointed out that the current agreement which "lack", confirmed the visit near the Kurdish delegation to Baghdad.

The Council of Ministers decided, in (2 December 2014), to approve the oil deal between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region provides for the delivery of the region no less than 250 thousand barrels of oil per day to Baghdad for the purpose of export, after reaching the Kurdish delegation headed by Nechirvan Barzani, with the government Iraqi agreement on the region's share in the budget and export of oil.