Qabbanji stresses the government reforms necessary to be according to the constitution

Najaf - the balance of News - Considered the imam and preacher of Juma Najaf, Sadr al-Din Qabbanji, on Friday, that Iraq has no choice but to government reforms and the need to stand with them, stressing that these reforms be according to the constitution.

Qabbanji said during Friday prayers political speech, in Husseiniya Fatimid in Najaf and attended / scales News /, "The government reforms need us no choice other," stressing "the need to line up with them and support them and patience."

Qabbanji He added that "reforms must be according to the constitution," asserting that "the House of Representatives is responsible for the discussion does not mean that the Council loses his authority and powers delegated by the Prime Minister to go."

On the other hand, carry Qabbanji state "the responsibility to protect farmers and families affected by the rains," calling for "investment rain and the construction of dams and sewage systems properly."

In regard to a separate component, Qabbanji called on the relevant ministries to "put reformist and pragmatic policies and the adoption of the expertise of specialists for the advancement of education after he saw Iraq worsened by education, he left for the Department of global sizes according to the latest reports," stressing that "it is a pity, Iraq is a country of civilizations".

And on the death of MP Ahmad Chalabi, Qabbanji stressed that "Chalabi was his three important roles, the first of the large role in the origin of the change process and to persuade the international community to overthrow Saddam, and the second is the large role in the de-Baathification and the De-Baathification Commission official, where he was serious about being uprooted and take responsibility for a large title , and the third has claimed responsibility for the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, detect files grand corruption, where he was keen to present and visible to the people for squandering money and his position was brave and solid."

He Qabbanji "is no stranger to be his enemies by affected because the role Alpes him many enemies."

In the Bahraini affairs, Qabbanji to "32 countries of Bahrain claim to take measures and actions to save human rights," pointed out, adding that "Bahrain continues to exert excessive violence against its own people continues, Sheikh Ali Salman," .anthy 29/9 P arrest