Chalabi "delivers" the religious authority large file corruption before the day of his departure .. Shabandar and respond to the "poisoning his dinner."

Twilight News / informed source revealed that the head of the Iraqi National Congress and head of the parliamentary finance committee of the late Ahmad Chalabi, ladder Supreme religious authority in Najaf large file corruption before the day of his death.

According to the source quoted by the Middle East that Chalabi has information on the personalities and the forces of the countries involved in the looting of Iraq and that the foreign currency auction at the Central Bank Alaraca, which pay for Chalabi warned in his movements and his dealings recently.

The source pointed out that the delivery of Chalabi's Supreme reference is an effort to inform them of the size of the rampant corruption in the country. For his part, a source close to Chalabi family said preferred not to be identified told the (Middle East), said that "Tamara daughter Chalabi brought with them three doctors to examine the body of her father They are an American, a Briton and an Iranian to know the truth first and to determine the circles of international conflict in Iraq, where can Chalabi be a victim to this conflict."

Member and former political Iraqi parliament independent Izzat Shahbandar, who was the last of whom he met Chalabi at the dinner hours before his death says the same newspaper, "The impending medical examination on the body of Chalabi based on doubts his family the fact that death is a natural will show whether a natural death or not and therefore difficult to talk about any issue of who is the beneficiary of the departure of Chalabi or even the authorities or involved in his death."

He Shabandar "What concerns us now is the other killings, which happened to Chalabi, a political assassination for his role process which started since 2003, the moment of entry of the Americans Iraq who disagreed with Chalabi and disagree with them Chalabi and therefore the death Chalabi deferred since that date until today."

On the last meeting, which was compiled by Chalabi shortly before his death Shabandar said that "Chalabi was very good health, but it was frustrating and very hurt that we have reached the things in the country, which is what I said in the meeting Allvzione, but what really hurts that many of those who were hostile to the Chalabi deliberated in sites social networking how I tucked poison him in the evening meal which shows the depth of our tragedy."