Hamoudi: Cancel UN reconciliation conference in Egypt by a decision of the National Alliance

Revealed the Presidency of the Council of Representatives member Hamoudi, the cancellation of a national reconciliation conference sponsored by the United Nations in Egypt, the decision of the Iraqi National Alliance. A statement by his office, received by all of Iraq [where], a copy of the Hamoudi "received Georgi Austin political Assistant Special Envoy of Ban Ki-moon in Iraq, and discussed with him the latest political developments and the problem of water in Basra." The cross-Hamoudi, according to the statement, expressed "thanks International Mission for its effort since the fall of the dictator to Alan, "adding Nations experience in Iraq successful and appreciated."
The statement pointed out that "the conference, which intends to United Nations held in Cairo on national reconciliation, which overruled the decision of the Iraqi National Alliance between Hamoudi said Iraqis now are not as they were in 2006, it has been strengthened confidence and changed souls and people are very sensitive of interference of internal about it until about a positive, "returned Egypt" depth of Arab Iraq.
"He said Hamoudi said that" Iraq and Egypt have enjoyed a well-established mutual respect and since a long time.
"For his part, Austin feet, according to the statement, "an explanation of what they are doing International Organization Mission in Iraq in relation to projects of national reconciliation and the problem of water in Iraq, and Basra in particular," .