National calls for the government to arrest wanted on corruption charges
Dated: November 5, 2015
AGHDAD / News Network Iraq demanded the MP for the coalition of Iraqi forces beautiful Obeidi, on Thursday, the Iraqi government to exploit signed with the countries of the world of international conventions in order to capture those wanted by the Iraqi judiciary on charges of corruption and terrorism, with the Integrity Commission to hold accountable corrupt who were inside Albulad.oukalt Obeidi called in a press statement today: "The Iraqi government is obliged to exploit signed with some countries and international agreements to existing characters arrest on its territory after the issuance of the provisions of Agayd them by the Iraqi judiciary to convict terrorism-related issues or financial and administrative corruption" She added that "to the Integrity Commission and the Iraqi judiciary Accounting Who's officials inside the country who occupy positions of sovereignty and participate in managing the country's affairs and the investigation involved charges of corruption before they left Iraq ".sv head of the Integrity Commission acting Hassan al-Yasiri in an earlier opening of a number of files relating to suspicions of corruption pertaining to the work of the Ministry of Trade time, as warned of manipulation Bakot citizen, because the body will reach the corrupt whatever Moukah.tzkr that the Commission on Public Integrity issued earlier orders to arrest former Minister of Electricity Karim Aftan, and amino Baghdad and former agency Naim Abaob and Abdul Hussein al-Murshidi managers honestly Baghdad, while issued an order to bring the current Minister of Electricity Qassim Fahdawi.