Abadi: Government approved a new salary scale, but did not recognize the law of the allocations of state employees
Wrote: November 5, 2015
Abadi 1

The prime minister Haider al-Abadi, said the government approved a new salary scale to achieve justice, while noting that there are committees working for a law for the allocations.

Ebadi said in a statement during a meeting with a group of presidents and professors of colleges, we are committed to "the government program which provides one of the paragraphs to stimulate the private sector and issued many decisions, as we launched simplify government measures program because some are trying to complicate things on the citizen and the investor and those hiding behind them spoilers "

Abadi added, "We have a financial crisis processors but reduced government expenditures be as hard as, in addition to developing the planning for this crisis."

He explained, "The government approved a new salary scale for justice but did not acknowledge until now Appropriations Act."

He continued, "There are committees working for a law to allocations, but we were surprised by some of trying to confuse and talk figures are not unfounded."

He announced the Information Office of the Prime Minister, on Tuesday (November 3, 2015), that the decision to him the new salary did not include provisions for state employees, noting that the decision was exclusively a special salaries.