Maliki confirms that America learn movements "Daash" in Iraq and did not Tqcefhm
16:21 GMT
Follow-up - and babysit - The head of a coalition of law Nuri al-Maliki, on Thursday, that America took the role of spectator after Daash invasion of Iraq, and was aware of the movements of criminals "Daash" in Iraq and did not Tqcefhm.
The news agency "Russia Today" Maliki as saying during a meeting with the channel "RT", "Russia has a genuine desire to eradicate terrorism in Syria and Iraq," stressing that "Russia and Iran further support for Iraq after the fall of Mosul, and America took the role of spectator after invasion Daash of Iraq, and she had not been aware of the movements of Aldoaash Tqcefhm. "

He added that "Washington is not serious in eradicating Daash criminal groups," adding that he "called on the government to invite Russia for strikes to Daash, but there are those who oppose."

Maliki stressed that "the popular crowd forces who are saved Iraq and the political process after the fall of Mosul," noting that "there are major countries seeking to divide Iraq, and this project still exist, and added that the fall of Mosul was a plot hatched by international and regional parties".