Iraqi oil source confirms the continued flow of oil to Turkey

Kirkuk (Iraq) October 5 second / November (dpa) -ovad source at the Iraqi North Oil Thursday that production processes fields the company continues without any interruption. The source said that "the North Oil Company produces far from the Kirkuk fields and baker and Jambour today more than 167 000 barrels of oil, 150 000 barrels of which went for export to Turkey via Kurdistan region stretching across the line. He stressed that the Bai Hassan oil field under the control of the Kurdistan region near the molasses spend 55 / km northwest of Kirkuk / since June of last year and produces 150 000 barrels per day. And between that production and export operations across North and the Kurdistan region oil company, but that did not stop the Oil Ministry suspended oil dealings accredited through the SOMO (State Oil Marketing Company) in the Turkish port of Ceyhan to calculate the source of the oil fields of Kirkuk and Kurdistan. He explained that what comes out today through the Kirkuk and Kurdistan fields up to more than 600 000 barrels and sometimes fall to lower rates by daily production and weather conditions and paths that line sometimes exposed to a technical glitch operations. The Oil Ministry announced the halt of oil exports from Kirkuk oil fields to the Turkish port of Ceyhan.