Minister of Construction and discuss with the Romanian Ambassador Romanian investment companies infrastructure projects

Search and Minister of Construction and Housing, Municipalities and Public Works Tariq Kikhany, with the Romanian ambassador in Iraq, investment companies to implement infrastructure projects. According to a statement of the ministry, agency of our economy news received a copy of the Kikhany "received the Romanian Ambassador and his accompanying delegation and discussed with him ways of joint cooperation between the two countries in the field of infrastructure reconstruction in the country."
The statement quoted Kikhany During the meeting, saying that "Iraq is in need of investment companies Foreign discreet in general and Arab companies, in particular in the implementation of infrastructure projects, as well as to attract business for the advancement of urban modern touted engineering development in the world. "He added that" the ministry is seeking to develop the technical capabilities through the participation of international companies and the transfer of expertise and experiences of developed countries in the field of reconstruction and exchange of experiences. "He pointed to Kikhany" These companies have the expertise in the urban area, as well as its expertise in the establishment of potable water and sewerage networks. "