Electricity: three stations have been forwarded for 12 investment companies and raising the energy our goal

Revealed the spokesman of the Ministry of Electricity Musab teacher, Thursday, for forward the draft to the task of Samawa electric 950 MW card companies to increase electricity production in the province.
The teacher's / scales News /, "This project is an important project for the province if it is referred to the 12 investment company and Alan phase choice," noting that "companies with global qualities, including free and urgent international company." He added, "The ministry has concluded three decades station Basmajh gas investment in Baghdad Card 3000 MW decades and the second card 1500 MW of firm urgent Jawhara," noting that "the Third Decade Oahilh to Rumaila investment station in Basra to free international company card 3000 MW executed on four stages."
"The Ministry of Electricity needs the support of government agencies for the development of fact electric indicating non-payment of budget allocations impact a significant impact on projects electrical Almndomh" noting "that the allocated budget has not acted to the ministry, both 9% of the 2015" .anthy 29 / W 23 The opinions expressed below do not reflect the balance of opinion News site, but rather reflect the views of their owners only.

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