Korean and Chinese companies are looking for the establishment of new city of Nasiriyah

Baghdad news/Dhi Dhi Council President Hamid Na'im al-Ghozi on the desire of Korean and Chinese companies investing in maintenance and activation of many important sectors, most notably investment and infrastructure.
Al-Ghozi said in a statement after meeting with a number of Heads of Korean and Chinese companies wommthli in Baghdad and with Council Member Yahya almsharvaoi, the "meeting discussed, among other important topics that will improve investment and tourism sectors and infrastructure project, the new city of Nasiriyah and the industrial city, as well as creating residential complexes".
Al-Ghozi said that agreement on the entry of Chinese and Korean companies in the province and provide all possible facilities for them to activate the tourism side effects and activation of investment ".
He was officially invited to those companies to visit the province next week ".
Al-Ghozi to noted "the importance of supporting private sector investment to contribute to the development of the economy and reduce unemployment in the province in the shadow of the financial crisis affecting the country".