MPs and politicians rahilah average qualities Chalabi

Othello Djeffal Baghdad newsletter last year, I contacted one of the prestigious economic figures to ask him about balancing the 2015 which had just arrived to the House at the time, told me that it would lead to a major catastrophe, so Abadi took over the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Ministers dealt with according to the popular Iraqi proverb (sit departs fire lkersth). But at the same time expressing optimism, amazed, and he told me that "the Financial Committee Chairman Ahmad Chalabi will not passed peacefully, and acoustical all balances, is in permanent contact with the Prime Minister's Advisor for Economic Affairs Mohammad Saleh appearance and will balance to the correct track.

Yesterday I died, Chairman of the Finance Committee and leader of the Iraqi National Congress, Ahmed Chalabi, leaving his successor a budget in the worst since the occupation of Iraq in 2003, as the country suffers from low oil prices, and fights against the terrorist organization daash controls a third of the area, adding to the political conflicts begins from FAO in the South, does not end in the far corners of the North of Zakho.
The appearance of the Prime Minister's Advisor Mohammad Saleh said in a statement "Baghdad newsletter", "pay tribute to Dr. Ahmad Abdel Hadi Chalabi, who lost a national leader and politically balanced smart".
Adds the benefit of "Chalabi I knew in the last 10 years before that lost a brave man moderately clear vision. Point balance amid political conflicts ".
Member of the Finance Committee on the block change Kurdish mp Masood Haider, says in an interview for "Baghdad" the news "Chalabi's departure means the loss of the Iraqi State a task master, pillars was a leader, not a Manager, it was a meeting point of all blocks, and was one of the most important economic and political figures in Iraq".
Adds Haider "knowing someone Chalabi was not old, it has met in this electoral cycle while recognizing its Presidency, but it quickly turned into a genuine friendship, had learned of Chalabi, despite the short time, quite a lot, haven't seen look-alike in his ability to command and crisis resolution between the parties".

Haider reveals that "the Finance Committee met at his house from Chalabi, 10 a.m. until 10 p.m., and for a period of 35 days, and Chalabi was in direct contact with all Shi'a and Sunni leaders and Kurdish, indeed, for the first time since the 2003 budget voted on schedule, and the Earth on all sides, and Chalabi could get additional $ 2.4 trillion dinars to support displaced and $ 1 trillion to support the popular crowd, and Iraq has surpassed a major crisis thanks to someone in that year, Chalabi".
Haider recalls "last weeks of life allotted to meet Chalabi thinkers and economists to prevent adoption of the salary mass, in one form or another, food people, and had, or are about to reach solutions to end the economic crisis and graduated from rentier economy Iraq toward open market is real and practical, and not the way in which the Government", noting that "I have never seen people think working people and bad to end classes suffer kalglbi, both were active in personal meetings to raise middle class In Iraq being an elite layer would create political status befitting the history of the country and its inhabitants and its bounty ".
Haider recalls that "the draft general budget for the year 2016 reached the Finance Committee the day before yesterday, and we were eager to rift and added Chalabi's vision, but his departure was disconcerting, but the Committee will try to come up with a balanced budget and good for Iraq and Chalabi person".
And about the exploits of Chalabi, says Haider "the man credited with first exit the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, and is credited with the reconciliation of the two Kurdish parties in the 1990s, plus important convergence of views among the blocs and political parties, in addition to its role in international relations of Iraq".