Software to simplify Government procedures to the citizen and the investor

Baghdad/Baghdad news Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, on Wednesday, the Government approved a new salary scale for Justice, pointed out that there were committees working to develop the law of allocations.
Abbadi said in statement received "Baghdad news", while receiving a group of Heads of State and community college professors, we are committed to "a government program that provides one of the paragraphs on the revitalization of the private sector and issued many resolutions, it also launched the programme to streamline government procedures that some try to complicate things on the citizen and the investor and those hiding behind them, the corrupters".
Abbadi said that "we have treatments for the financial crisis and reduced government expenditures as is, add to the planning of this crisis".
He said that "the Government approved the new salary scale for justice but did not acknowledge until now appropriations Act".
He said Abbadi should "committees working to develop the law of allocations, but a little surprised with some shuffling to try and speak digits and unfounded".
Abbadi noted that "the separation of powers is important but not on the basis of chapter and grapple them previously but was also on the basis of complementarity", adding that "some try to this conflict and would not let them".