Deputy Zebari Iraqi demands to reduce expenses, and add them to the crowd forces

Twilight News / criticized MP in the Iraqi parliament Siham al-Moussawi, the popular crowd cut allocations from the budget stressing the importance of increasing support and care for the crowd that "fever of the people and the government" of the threat of terrorism.

Musawi stressed in a press statement that "the Iraqi government the need to reduce expenses and add them to the crowd Mujahid, indicating that these heroes gave their lives for the sake of the dignity and security of Iraqis and should pay attention to them and support them in their battle with the fateful terrorist Daash and backed."

She called al-Moussawi, the finance minister, Hoshyar Zebari, to "reduce expenses, which drained the big money from the budget of the Ministry of Finance instead of reducing important national provisions which affect the fate of the country."