Parliamentary Finance accuses the government of "weak control" on remittances and "not surprised" America control her

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05/11/2015 13:16
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Long-Presse / Baghdad
I went back a member of the financial committee in Parliament, on Thursday, that government control over currency conversions procedures "still very weak", while invited to monitor more effectively to the work of banking companies in order to preserve the national economy and prevent the financing of "terrorists", was not surprised by the United States that monitors transfers.

Said Najiba Najib, in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "the Iraqi Central Bank to prevent dealing with some banking companies for violating his instructions", usually that "the Iraqi government's control over the movement of funds is very weak for not adopting corporate governance."
Najib said, that "state control over currency conversions procedures, whether internal or external, are still weak," noting that "Iraq if it has a strong and well-developed banking system, easily able to control such transfers."

She explained a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, that there are "internationalist decision to prevent the financing of terrorist groups in Iraq," indicating that "the presence of security and political agreements and economic between the United States and Iraq, enabled her to get a proof evidence on the existence of suspicion of funneling money to terrorist groups, especially that of globalization and development Technical allows for the possibility that Washington ".

According to Najib, that "the government suspended the salaries of staff in areas under the control of Daash, to the presence of international and American information confirming that some of them go to finance Daash," pointing out that "Transparency International confirmed the existence of money laundering crimes in Iraq, estimated at nearly took the signed international list black, not for money laundering legislation law. "

She called a member of the parliamentary finance committee, the government and the concerned authorities, to "monitor banking transactions in order to preserve the national economy and prevent the financing of terrorists."

The Wall Street Journal, the economic American, confirmed, (third from November current 2015), that the United States is concerned about the possibility of leakage of millions of dollars of the money that you send to Iraq, to ​​the views of "a hostile, especially organizing Daash", or "prohibited" under international sanctions such as Iran, while showed that Washington agreed with Baghdad on strengthening surveillance and control measures, especially on the currency auction, many banking offices that the accused had "suspicious links."

The World Bank's pressure forced the Iraqi government and parliament, in (Al19mn September 2015), to approve the legislation law "money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism", days of the deadline to put on the "black list before."

And washing or "bleaching" of funds, economic crime designed to legitimize illegal to taboo funds, for the purpose of acquisition, disposition or manage, save, or replace, or deposited or invested or transferred or moved or manipulated in value if they are obtained from a crime, such as those related to the production drug or traded, or stolen jewels, as well as kidnapping, terrorism, fraud and breach of trust, fraud, fraud and immorality, prostitution and trafficking of antiquities and smuggling crimes, felonies and misdemeanors harmful to state security on the one hand the outside and inside, and bribery, and embezzlement of public money and aggression, and treachery, and crimes of fraud, and other Business illegal.