Exciting details about how he spent the last hours Chalabi and disturbed by Solagh and Disclaimer Council of promises

The last hours he spent Ahmad Chalabi senior politician and chairman of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, the bus to detail, not without excitement-concluded his death mysterious, which summoned ordering Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi formation of a commission of inquiry of the facts about the causes of his death and the first of an autopsy of his body process.

The government in its roads to get to the reality of the death of veteran politician Chalabi and controversial before and after his death, and maybe it will be the fate of the committee set up by al-Abadi fate of tens of investigative committees formed did not know the results of any of them.

The sources confirmed, that the details of the last hours of his time traveling between Ahmad Chalabi, friends and colleagues of which he returned to his home late in the night.

The sources said that Chalabi went on the evening of Monday to the headquarters of the Supreme Islamic Council, which is headed by Ammar al-Hakim, met one of the leaders of the Council of the Wise travel to Erbil, and after meeting lasted for more than an hour Chalabi left the headquarters of the Supreme Council'.

It adds sources; that 'Chalabi left the headquarters of the Supreme Council and headed to the Green Zone, where he met at ten o'clock on Monday evening Qasim Dawood, former national security adviser in the government of Iyad Allawi, and was with them at the meeting, former deputy Izzat Shabandar'.

He said one of the sources say; that 'Izzat Shabandar Chalabi and Qassem Daoud left home after a session that lasted for more than an hour, and Atjha to Shabandar home in Harithiya area'.

And the conversations that took place between Chalabi and David and Shabandar, the source; that 'Chalabi was Mmteda of his allies in the Supreme Council, and was complaining of Tsuifam to give him entitlement to the prime minister or even the post of the Deputy Prime Minister'.

And continues to be 'Chalabi was disturbed by the actions of Baqir al-Zubaidi, who is trying to publish a book about his achievements titled (Chief Minister) al-Zubaidi, the fact that he took four ministries in successive governments'.

It also points out that the source 'Chalabi was speaking bitterly about the uniqueness of the Supreme Council for the distribution of ministerial posts figures affiliated to Chalabi did in giving him a ministerial post', that persisting 'Chalabi was disappointed by his allies in the Supreme Council'.

He continues the source; that 'Chalabi stayed in the house of Shabandar to one hour after midnight to leave then to his home in the Kadhimiya district near Aden Square, known grove Chalabi, and when he arrived home he changed his clothes and wore Mlabassa sports and March, some exercises and when he had finished them asked his secretary to wake him at nine in the morning.'

He adds that 'secretary came on the required date to wake Chalabi and knocked on the door fortified But Chalabi did not open the door and after several attempts and the lack of response and the difficulty of breaking the door thick; forcing his entourage to take off the back of the net and room Chalabi and go down into the room to find Chalabi dead his clothes sports on a chair in his room and his plopped next to him.'

The attention of the source; that the 'last call conducted by or received by Chalabi will remain obscure for lack of knowledge of those close to him PIN code for his smartphone, and that the person who was on the other side of the phone will remain private and Alhjelba may have died, which caused perhaps the sound of the fall of the phone heard the unknown on the ground, but did not re-contact him or Bmqrbin of Chalabi to a question about the end of the call like this dubious'.

It concludes the source as saying 'perhaps may contribute to knowledge of the person who phone Chalabi in the detection of the causes of his death mysterious'.

Thus Ahmad Chalabi died at the same single dream has not been achieved, the dream that a long-awaited but not Anlh namely the post of President of the Iraqi Council of Ministers.