France sent an aircraft carrier to participate in the bombing Daash

GMT 14:41 2015 Thursday, November 5th GMT 14:45 2015 Thursday, November 5: Last Updated

In a statement that the French presidency announced the deployment of the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle "decide to participate in operations against Daash and groups affiliated to him."

In this double-proliferation French military capability in the region's accession aircraft carrier to six Rafale present in the United Arab Emirates and six Mirage aircraft in Jordan.

And the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, only to France, docked in Toulon (south) where subject to maintenance operations since the spring.

And already it published for two months from February 23 to mid-April to carry out operations within the international coalition against al-Islamic state in Iraq. During eight weeks in the Gulf, the twenty aircraft on board the aircraft carrier every day, "including between 10 and 15 combat sorties," according to French Chiefs of Staff.

France is participating since September 2014 in the international coalition against al-Islamic state in Iraq and began launching strikes in Syria after year.

French fighter jets carried out since September 2014 19 under the support of the regular army and ethnic process air mission in 1285 led to the strike and allowed 271, according to the staff of the French army body, the destruction of 459 goals. So far, only the implementation of the two air strikes against al-Islamic state sites in Syria.

In addition to sending aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle carrier, Paris reiterated Thursday its support for the process of the talks, which was launched in Vienna in October end in an attempt to draw the outline of the process of political transition in Syria but declined at the same time the survival of President Bashar al-Assad in power.

The Elysee said in a statement, French President Francois Hollande "stressed the importance of supporting the Vienna process. We have said that the vector of any agreement must be anti-Daash and stop the shelling of the civilian population. Can not for Bashar al-Assad to be in any way the future of Syria."