Is Chalabi poisoned?!

Confident Jabri

Dr. Ahmed Abdul Hadi gone Chalabi; in a matter of a sudden mysterious, and was awaited by many to expose corruption and cooperation Baath files, and after strenuous life and struggle with dictatorship; investor richness and its relationship with the American Foundation; to topple the Baathist regime.

Chalabi died and joy Kotaiaan of the bitterest enemies of the Iraqis, and the departure of Fox smiled Snakes policy.

His enemies are two types utmost one; Baathist and corrupt do not speak only boastings emotional and monopolizing power, and the stomachs of hungry filled with corruption and sectarian spoke; Vodhart sects and dealt shallowly; Aftavc Hoaibhm nostalgically on the dictatorship edition of democracy, and the fight against the families and currents made what have to serve Iraq, and Chalabi was a demolition engineers dictatorship, and one of the authors of the new brick Iraq, and despite entering with the Americans disagreed for Iraq.

Chalabi may be one of the characters, which I understood early on the reality of global plans, and what America wants and what is the dream of the Iraqis, and that the Baath snake has to be cut off her head, Vetoly De-Baathification Commission, and form a higher committee to regulate and monitor the purchases and contracts in the government of al-Jaafari, and something slowly pulled his powers Uprooting of, and canceled government contracts committee monitoring ?! Baath returned exceptions, and rampant corruption in most aspects of the state.

What hurts Chalabi and puts a lot of question marks, standing turnpike in front of his ambitions, he did not take the appropriate opportunity, and some guys path from inferior to him and new to politics; shouted accusations Baath him, and smeared by accusations of corruption and sectarianism, Wyndham does not make a mistake in the math, numbers, and fractures thefts and sacrificed and did not account for the authority, as described by former President Jalal Talabani, "Oh, my tired of doubt, oh lakh from the present."

Gone Chalabi and left behind Baathists and corrupt combined to kill Iraqis, and the targeting of standing Boutraiqam, left and did not complete his dream to expose corrupt evidence, numbers and documents, and as he lived the life of a matter of controversy, left his death questions; answer them gloating Baath and corrupt?!

The bereaved family demanded an autopsy on the body, logical and uncertainties; in light of the concentration of the Baath and corrupt state in the joints.

The late Dr. Ahmad Chalabi, one of the most solid national leaders and most unwillingly to the Baath and corrupt, sacrificed his life and richness to Iraq, and the characters, which meets the political forces, a national not wearing sectarian dress, and place of consensus and as fought the Baath dictatorship, fought corruption and terrorism, and sacrificed and came Many opportunists on the present, forgetting the sacrifices, and tried to erase the history and moulting of their skin, but history will see you, O Abu Hashim and your friends and families that made martyrs, and will be remembered from sacrificed for Iraq and tried to tamper with, and will today reveal Is Chalabi poisoned ?! Is that corruption and the ruling Baath are, in a country governed by whales hungry; Vhbat of corruption, and its gangs roaming ?! Iraqis will remain indebted to you; because the salvation of the Baath invaluable, and continue the war on corruption, which has helped make way for terrorism. Ended (15)