"Resolution" critical of the delay in processing procedures Abadi displaced file

Twilight News / solution parliamentary bloc expressed concern about the delay in implementing the decisions of the last prime minister Heydari Abadi to address the displaced file.

Bloc said in a statement responded to Twilight News "our fear of delay in some quarters as agreed with the prime minister recently, leads us to a renewed call to the prime minister to speed up procedures away from the routine."

She stressed that the parliamentary bloc of the solution "slow processors to the suffering of the displaced either in camps for displaced people, or at Bzabz crossing will lead to humanitarian disasters ominous with continuing bad weather."

And it warned the bloc solution parliamentary attempts in some quarters surrounding the head of the government in disrupting the paragraphs of the latest agreement and put sticks in the march of national action to address the displacement crisis and the return of displaced people to their homes, which requires parking Mr. Abadi himself to be implemented, particularly the implementation of open crossing Bzabz to the movement of displaced people and goods and non- However, malevolent left.