Jubouri: the removal of the political partners hinders the government to perform its duties

The head of the House of Representatives, Salim al to form a committee of three presidencies, to end the dispute between Baghdad and the region, stressing the lack of acceptance of the phenomenon of improvisation and risk and justify intrusion under firmness and seriousness.

A statement by his press office, said that "al-Jubouri delivered, on Wednesday, a lecture at the crossroads of the Middle East, which embraced Erbil, said," The talk of reform makes us in front of our historical responsibilities to remedy the danger and this would only be to making important political progress, "and wondered" how can we accomplish politically in light of the absence of partners and target them and the loss of their best in this important stage."

He also explained that "what happened to the exclusion of political partners on the degree of importance the government hindered the performance of its functions and make corrections in the face of political targeting, rather than take advantage of the momentum which is owned by the political elite."

And between the head of the House of Representatives that "the government involved a package of austerities and confused in determining the path of reform, which was intended him that activates a two-way first, eliminate corruption, and second, to improve the living situation, while he regretted the end of each time timings specific reforms that preceded the end of the timing of a close political agreement which The government formed on its basis, which indicates a significant and fundamental flaw in the government work."

He said al-Jubouri, "even after the expiration of the waiting period granted to the reform we read the government's measures painful for the Iraqi elite, where the new salary scale targeted university professors and quality elite task salaries based State to experience a reduction, which exacerbated the situation and confused the scene, and even tossed horror in the hearts of the Iraqi elite despair Reform of the situation while the government did not find what you are shrinking, but the employees' salaries and benefits for university professors."

On the economic side, the speaker of parliament confirmed according to the statement "the need for Iraq to radical economic solutions and not remedial, to be able to besiege economic collapse," adding that "Such solutions give us the opportunity to restore the Iraqi economy status by thinking about alternatives to oil, which is lower prices a threat a real future for Iraq."

"The difficult economic situation has led a shadow over the form and the type of reforms that we want its completion, which made ​​the reconstructive process of reform rather than development, one of the most important reasons for reluctance," while he asked, "Why is the government not working to support and operate large factories in the country's private sector and the granting of greater investment opportunity, has recently passed laws that support this approach?".

At the national reconciliation file, President al-Jubouri said that "this file was during the last period progresses step and back down again and inches shyly," pointing out that "it beyond that to be the subject of political overzealous and controversy and auctions, accusations and questioning intentions, which indicates to the supposed inability of the Iraqi political elite to make progress in this file, which has remained for years the object of publicity and advertising."

"The government has been unable to offer any concrete step in the reconciliation of files, on top of a general amnesty law that awaits him thousands of detainees and their families, pointing out that many of these innocent people has caused the slowdown bureaucratic judicial proceedings."

With regard to the relationship between Baghdad and the region Speaker of Parliament explained that these political differences have caused great Ba_kalat, pointing out that "the continuation of this Altjavi will affect the future political system and the unity of Iraq". He expressed his belief that the escalation of the conflict and deal with those differences in the media will expand the gap and perhaps topple the origin of this relationship, while stressing that the export of oil and financial receivables file of the most important files that must be accelerated and initiative dissolution, called for a solution to those files through a committee formed by the three presidencies acceleration of the dismantling of the crisis and forwarded to the courts to decide, rather than political deal with them.