Economist: entry fee visitors forties would fill less than 1% of the budget deficit

05.11.2015 at 12:40 (GMT Baghdad)

Special - scales News
He stressed the economic expert Abdul Hassan al-Shammari, Thursday, that the imposition of Iraq's entry fees to visitors of the death of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, would fill less than 1% of the budget deficit, noting that the government should provide services to visitors in exchange for obtaining the drawing.

Al-Shammari said L / scales News /, said that "Iraq has the right to exploit the religious tourism to improve the general budget, which will be reflected positively in favor of the Iraqi citizen, because it additional resources to the state and must be exploited by the government because this is a legitimate right," pointing out that "forty-day visit to the Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, will witness the entry of large numbers of foreign visitors, especially the neighboring countries, and therefore the government should exploit this occasion to impose a small fee on visitors in order to supplement the budget amounts of extra ".

He added that "the imposition of fees on visitors must be matched by the provision of services to them in exchange for this fee, despite the fact that all the services provided to them in the last year were free," adding that "the imposition of this apostle will contribute to closing the simple ratio does not constitute 1% of the shortfall in the budget. "

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, confirmed yesterday that the granting of visas, "visa" for foreign visitors finance charges will not raise during the visit of the death of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, as pointed out it will be responsible for opening 11 temporary offices in different cities of Iran, in addition to the four consulates to accommodate the number of visitors and to facilitate obtaining visas.

Forties and the visit is one of the most important religious events for Shiite Muslims commemorate the passage of 40 days on the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, the third Twelver Shia Imams peace be upon them.

And millions of them are keen to revive them by going to Karbala on foot, while thousands of processions and bodies scattered on the roads leading to the province to accommodate visitors and to provide food for them. / Ended 29 n / 10