Completion of the final version of the law foundation of martyrs and submitted to Parliament for a vote

The Committee of martyrs and victims and political prisoners meeting which completed the final version of the draft law and submitted to the martyrs Foundation Commission headed by the Parliament for a vote. The Committee said in a statement that "the Commission has decided to raise the Law Commission headed by the House for inclusion on the agenda of future meetings to vote." "The investment is included in the Enterprise Act to reach self-sufficiency as well as text to focus on moral rights and perpetuate the values of certificate and take account of the martyrs of the popular crowd and victims of terrorist attacks." "The law also included the criminalization of Baath party locally, regionally and internationally, adding the popular crowd and martyrs, victims of terrorism Foundation law as well as the continued granting of salaries for individuals of martyr for 25 years." and was a member of the Committee of martyrs and parliamentary political prisoners, Mohamed allkash, had earlier confirmed the complete coordination with parties concerned to join the popular crowd martyrs to the martyrs Foundation Foundation, stating that "the law will be voted on early this month.