Ministry of Justice assigned the book circle reverse presence in camps for displaced people

Ministry of Justice announced its willingness commissioned the book circle reverse, to be in camps for displaced people to believe their own transactions and according to the law and the dates specified.
The Ministries of Displacement and Migration and Health, Labour and Social Affairs announced the formation of mobile field teams and Bmwaqat degrees to inspect the camps for displaced people and providing basic services to them each ministry according to their specialization.
Came actions at the direction of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers through the Department of affairs of citizens and public relations, for the ministries mentioned above to conduct field monitoring to the problems of displaced persons, in coordination with the justice program accessible to everyone.
The room General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers operations have conducted field visits to camps for displaced people in all the provinces, and coordinate efforts with civil society organizations over the attribution of voluntary work for the delivery of food and medical aid and emergency relief, has also recently contributed to the evacuation of displaced people after a recent wave of rain.