The ministry stressed the progress in the implementation of e-government program

Justice Minister heads a committee of national security policy and the sharing of information and the protection of communications meeting
The Minister of Justice d. Haider Zamili, said the ministry is working within the special e-government plan, and is making progress in this regard, according to a questionnaire prepared by government agencies specialized.
The Minister said that while chairing a special meeting with (the National Commission for the safe policy, information sharing and protection of telecommunications), which Attended by directors general in the ministry, and the meeting concluded to form a special committee to this subject, under his chairmanship and membership of directors general in the ministry and a number of specialist staff.
Mr. Minister: that the ministry is working to engage effectively in the field of the use of information technology, as there is an integrated system to archive reviews data in the reform circle and offers more than one type of electronic services in this area, which develops work dramatically.
Also, the care of minors Department has embarked on a project of mechanization and make minors files and calculating the profits of their calculations performed automatically and will be opening this project soon because of this circle of privacy to preserve the money slice of minors.
later this project, the Department of Real Estate Registration and notaries and implementation as soon as.
It is said that (the Committee on the national policy to secure and share information and the protection of communications), was formed based on the writing of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, in order to strengthen information sharing between government ministries and non-governmental institutions and establish the instructions to this policy and procedures by identifying information that can be shared by and passed down in general or that are shared by a limited or can not share them with other institutions in accordance with the work of the departments of justice mechanism, in order to raise awareness of the importance of security and sharing of information and the protection of communications and to provide quarterly reports to the Main Committee of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.