The new salary ladder creates a fair wage base

BAGHDAD joy pumice after the government formed an ad hoc committee to study the new salary scale, which recently launched to reduce the gap between the grades with orientation to support the private sector, counting a specialist in the economic side that these trends is the reform in terms of creating justice base in the distribution of wages.
The Cabinet decided Minutes of the (39) to approve the recommendations of the Commission on reform of salaries and allowances to state employees all the problem system under it Diwani 317 for the year 2015, an amendment payroll Supplement Law salaries of state employees and the public sector No. 22 for the year 2008, but the House of Representatives handed the new salary refusal, on the considered that any new law should be passed in the parliament for discussion and prepare it for approval.
specialist in economic affairs Adel Abou loaf pointed to clear disparity in salaries between workers in the state public sector, saying that the new peace drawn up by the government a patch to create the wage base fair.
He said Abu loaf «morning» that the current peace in effect led to the great trend towards government jobs, what caused the move away from private-sector jobs, especially that features less and work more hours. He said the government orientations of sound under the circumstances faced by the country due to the low price of
oil, in addition to the war effort against al «Daash» terrorist, especially given that the amendment would include provisions added to salaries, likely it will contribute to the revitalization of the private sector. In confirmation of that, said Director of the Office of Prime Minister Mahdi Keywords that «the decision to cut salaries within the new peace included the first three levels of the grades in the state».
He said in an earlier statement «morning» that the amendment would not affect teachers, teachers, supervisors and owners of health and medical professions allocations , while there would be an increase to the nominal salary minimum degrees of «up to the tenth grade in
the fourth».