Hoshyar Zebari empties the state treasury and the Ministry of Finance is dying

​MP for the coalition of state law, Haitham al-Jubouri detect corruption giant operations and offload to the state treasury exercised Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari and his bodyguards led to the loss of billions of dollars Iraq. Jubouri said in a televised meeting that Zebari and through his position as finance minister performs operations of financial corruption and looting of dollars a month. " He explained deputy operations corruption these figures, saying that the Minister of Finance shall receive, rather than rent housing an annual 188 million dinars, while the House of Representatives Select instead of rent Annual minister with 36 million dinars, as well as rents protections and directors of offices where all of Arbil and are paid allowances for rent for their stay in Baghdad beyond especially if we know that the number of protections is only 527 individuals billions. The ministry bears wages transferred back and forth to the region and their housing and their food.
He also added that the value of the fuel consumed by the Minister annually of 100 million dinars. In addition to 500 000 dinars borne by the ministry's monthly maintenance fees, "the minister swimming pool."
This is a modern-Jubouri comes at a time of intensifying efforts to collect signatures for the questioning of the Minister of Finance on these suspicions as well as many of the files that MP vowed to expose them in the future.

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