Parliamentary Energy reveal the renewal of the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil budget 2016

Detection of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary member Aziz Kazim, Tuesday, renewing the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil in the 2016 budget and which provides for the extradition of the province of Baghdad, 300 barrels of oil from the Kirkuk fields
Kazim said L / scales News /, "The oil agreement between the central government and the provincial government has been renovated in the budget of 2016," noting that "the agreement requires the province to deliver 300 barrels per day from the Kirkuk fields."
Kadhim said "the central government would seek to cut off part of the share of the Kurdistan region, amounting to 17% in the federal budget for next year in the event of non-delivery of 300 barrels of oil to Baghdad a day" from the Kirkuk oil and 250 barrels of oil province, stressing at the same time that in "case of breach the region this condition, the differences and problems between Baghdad and Erbil will return again, ".