Ghabban orders probe appointments outside the ministry controls

Ordered Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban, on Wednesday, the formation of an investigative board the issuance of orders of volunteer management appointments without taking the higher authorities approvals, as he emphasized that this personal behavior and out of administrative controls. A statement issued by the Information Office of the Minister of Interior received (range Press) copy of it, "Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban the formation of an investigative board to assess the repercussions of an order of volunteering Management Directorate appointed the angel ministry / Intelligence Agency and federal investigations and by 140 degrees and careers of the inhabitants Baghdad and all the provinces without taking approvals from higher authorities responsible in the ministry and not to follow the contexts in force. "
The statement added that "the Interior Ministry considers this act diligence personal and out of administrative and legal followed controls in (the subject of appointments), which had previously caused random subject of the big problems of the Ministry and applicants for appointment to the owners," noting that "This is the keenness of the Minister of Interior to be addressed by legal means and to reduce the administrative manipulation and suspicions that surrounded the issue of appointments. "
It is said that the Ministry of Interior announced between two and opened the door for other appointments to its owners in Baghdad and the provinces with a number of conditions and instructions for admission.