Parliamentary economy's / scales News / "pack" the protection of national industry laws be passed soon

Special - scales News - Stressed the economic and investment commission in Parliament member Abdul-Karim al-Naqib, on Wednesday, he Snmrr a number of important economic laws in the coming period, among the purpose of the laws is to protect the national industry in the country.

Captain's / scales News /, we are "on their way toward passing a package of important laws on the protection of the national industry and consumer protection and activating the customs tariff and projects related to sovereign funds," noting that "these laws are in the process of research, preparation and will be future projects to support the economy and investment in Iraq."

He noted a member of the economic and investment commission in Parliament, to the "pass the investment law after ratification by the Presidency of the Republic will contribute to the development of the private sector in all fields, whether in industry, agriculture, housing and the area of ​​other services," stressing at the same time that the law "will provide extensive facilities in mechanism financing and lending to the private sector."

The "economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine confirmed L / scales News /, earlier, that the advancement of the economic reality of the country need laws that began previously not been implemented so far, implementation, indicating that the customs tariff and the protection of the national product, consumer protection and the prevention of dumping were not implemented laws Although desperately needed to solve a lot of economic problems that plagued Iraq" .anthy 29/28