Internal check set the 140 people in the ministry without approvals

Ordered Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban, on Wednesday, the formation of an investigative board to assess the repercussions of an order of the Directorate of volunteer management appointment on the angel ministry without taking approvals from the responsible parties and failure to follow applicable contexts, considering this act "personally diligent." The ministry said in a statement seen by the agency, "our economy" news, "The Interior Minister Mohammed Ghabban is, today, the formation of an investigative board to assess the repercussions of an order of volunteering Management Directorate, set 140 degrees and careers of the inhabitants of Baghdad and the provinces on the angel of the ministry in the CIA and federal investigations without taking approvals from higher authorities responsible in the ministry, "adding that" this was done without following the contexts in force. "

He considered the Interior Ministry this act as a "personal diligence and outside on the administrative and legal in place controls on the subject of appointments that had previously caused random subject of the big problems of the Ministry and applicants for appointment to the owners", stressing that "the interior minister was keen to treat the legal and administrative means to curb manipulation and suspicions that surrounded the issue of appointments. " The Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban confirmed, on Wednesday (July 1, 2015), that the ministry is facing a big challenge to fight corruption within its institutions, adding that he can not achieve security for the citizens of the existence of corruption within the ministry.