Hakim in Kurdistan to mediate between the Kurdish parties

In an effort to ease the worsening in the province of Kurdistan's political crisis, Search head of the Islamic «Supreme Council» al-Hakim, with Kurdish leaders, ways of resolving the crisis suffered by the «Kurdish House», as well as the latest developments in the country and the region.
He met with leaders of al-Hakim in «National Union», led by former President Jalal Talabani, and the movement of «change», led by Nechirvan Mustafa. During his meeting with the former deputy prime minister and a leading figure in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan party, Dr. Barham Salih, Search Hakim number of things that pertain to internal and regional situation. Upon his arrival on Tuesday morning to the city of Erbil, he met with al-Hakim Pamir «Jemaah Islamiyah» Baber Ali and members of the Political Bureau of the group, and discussed with them the developments in the political situation in the region and the region.
On the agenda is also wise, to meet with the president of the region gathered at the extended term, Massoud Barzani, who insists the Kurds without the rest of the parties to stay in office for a third term through the extension of his term two years.
In the same context, it was revealed the Kurdistan region parliament member Mahmoud Salar, that Hakim's visit to the Kurdistan region in order to come «to mediate between the Kurdish parties to resolve the crisis afflicting the region», noting that al-Hakim will meet with all the main parties in the Kurdish region.

Mahmoud said in a press statement followed the «morning»: The «Hakim enjoys a solid relationship with all Kurdish parties», pointing out that «any initiative will be launched by a direct impact on the convergence of views between the conflicting parties».

He said Mahmoud, the importance of «Back to the rule of law and address the problems in the parliament and reach a political consensus between the four parties on the one hand and the KDP on the other hand», stressing at the same time on the «importance of improving the conditions of citizens, and to end differences and waiver of all parties for the benefit of the people ».

Hakim in Kurdistan to mediate between the Kurdish parties
He said, that «the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan is moving responsibly to the convergence of views between the Kurdish parties», explaining that his party «is still holding the presidency of the region to the draft submitted by the four parliamentary blocs law».

The witness of the Kurdistan region, political and legal crisis against the backdrop of the emergence of differences between the major political parties on the Presidency of the Federal Territory law. The severity worsened after the Kurdistan Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani, the removal of four of his cabinet ministers belonging to the movement of «change» early last month, amid mounting political crisis that threatens to destabilize the region.

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