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Central Bank denies stopped pumping money from its accounts in the US Federal

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Denied the Iraqi Central Bank, on Wednesday, the news reported by some newspapers and news sites about pumping money from his accounts to the US Federal halt, as he emphasized continuing to conduct all activities of accounts being the only one responsible for it.

He said the Iraqi Central Bank in a statement received (range Press), a copy of which, "The news reported by some newspapers and news sites about the stop pumping money from his accounts to the US Federal baseless".

The statement added that "the Iraqi Central Bank continuously conducting all events of accounts being the only party responsible for that."

The US economic newspaper confirmed on Tuesday the (3 November 2015), that the United States is concerned about the possibility of leakage of millions of dollars of the money that you send to Iraq to destinations "hostile, especially organizing Daash", or "prohibited" under international sanctions such as Iran, and in the While it is shown that Washington agreed with Baghdad on strengthening surveillance and control measures, especially on the currency auction, many banking offices that the accused had "suspicious links."


Abadi: the government did not recognize the Appropriations Act and were surprised attempts to shuffle the cards

The head of the Council of Ministers Haider al-Abadi, said on Wednesday that the government approved the new salary scale for justice but did not recognize the Appropriations Act so far, and pointed out that "surprised trying some shuffling papers and talk numbers are not unfounded," and while stressing "Do not allow to try to restore some in the conflict between the authorities ", he pointed out that the government has to tackle the financial crisis and reduce government expenditures be a maximum.

Said Haider al-Abadi said in a statement released by his press office on the sidelines of a meeting with a group of presidents and professors, community colleges and received (range Press), a copy of which, "The challenges faced by the country we will come out of them stronger than before, and the countries that moved from the system and thought the totalitarian needed to organize its affairs "noting that" the separation of powers is important, but not on the basis of organic separation and wrestle them as it was before but on the basis of integration, but some try to bring this conflict and will not let him. "

He said al-Abadi, that "the country is going through challenges, the most important challenge of terrorism and financial challenge and the value of what we are working and we are calling for in the absence of our response and our victory against terrorism," pointing out that "our heroes are investigating victories was the liberation of very large areas and we assume security where even better than before and our body clear example national unity through all areas welcome our heroes in the armed forces. "

He said al-Abadi, "We have treatments of the financial crisis but reduced government expenditures as hard as be in addition to developing the planning for this crisis," stressing "his commitment to the government program which provides one of the paragraphs to stimulate the private sector and issued many decisions as we launched simplify government procedures program because some are trying to complicate things the citizen and the investor and those hiding behind them spoilers. "

He pointed Abadi, that "the government approved a new salary scale for justice but did not acknowledge until now Appropriations Act, there are committees working for a law to allocations, but we were surprised trying some shuffling papers and talk numbers are not unfounded.

He Abbadi, that "government support for private education, but in partnership through improving the situation of education in the country and should not be the goal of education Ahli make money class basis in isolation from the development of education and the dissemination of science," stressing the importance of "the development of the educational level and the level of some colleges the civil equivalent but be better than public universities scientifically. "

Referred to the Iraqi Council of Ministers, approved Tuesday (13 October 2015), the recommendations of the reform of the employees' salaries system, as agreed on the implementation of the decision for the Supreme Federal Court substances contested in the financial budget for the current 2015 law, decided to review the law for the current year.

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi taken assertive several of the reforms recently as a result of the mass movement that uncle of 11 provinces, calling for reform and the fight against corruption and improve services, including reducing the ministerial cab from the 33 to 22 only a first step, and reducing the protections of senior officials by 90%, and salaries as well as for many other procedures, while the government and parliament that approved the reforms, the latter by strengthening other package, and enjoyed popular support as well as the supreme Shiite religious authority.


Iraq Improves in Prosperity Index
November 4, 2015

Iraq has risen five places in this year’s Legatum Institute Prosperity Index, ranking in 123rd place out of the 142 countries measured.

The index ranks countries in eight categories including economic success, opportunity, health, and personal freedom.

Norway finishes highest on the annual Prosperity Index for the seventh year in a row, with Switzerland ranking 2nd in the Index for the third year in a row, while Denmark has risen from fourth to third since last year.

The least prosperous country is the Central African Republic, which came just below Afghanistan and Haiti.

Nathan Gamester, Director of the Prosperity Index at the Legatum Institute, said:

“The Prosperity Index tells us that human progress goes beyond economics. Norway and other countries at the top of the Index provide opportunity and freedom to their citizens, access to quality healthcare and education, and provide safe environments for people to flourish in.

Parliamentary Finance: You can not increase the expenditure in the budget only after the approval of the Cabinet

Information / BAGHDAD / ..
Parliamentary Finance Committee stipulated, Wednesday, Cabinet approval to increase the expenditure in the budget, while confirming that the right of Parliament make transfers in the doors of the budget.

Said committee member Ahmed Sarhan Sarhan told / information /, "The right of the House of Representatives is constitutionally make transfers in the doors of the general budget for 2016," noting that "increased expenditures in the budget needs to be approved by the Council of Ministers."

Sarhan said, that "the Parliamentary Finance Committee will make an extraordinary effort in the coming days to speed up the adoption of the budget given the current circumstances of the country."
Announced on Wednesday the arrival of the general budget for 2016 bill to the House of Representatives, as suggested among the parliamentary proceed to read the budget bill as early as next week. Finished / 25

Central sales recorded $ 187 million auction today

Information / BAGHDAD / ..

Central bank sales recorded, Wednesday, $ 187 million auction, special day to sell foreign currency at a stable exchange rate at 1166 dinars to the dollar.
According to a statement of the bank, received by the agency / information / copy of it, "The size of the amount sold today reached 187 million, 363 thousand and $ 38, priced at 1166 dinars exchange rate to the dollar, and with the participation of 22 banks and 16 companies for the fiscal conversion."

He added that "the amount of remittances and credits amounted to 165 million and 963 thousand and $ 38, while the quantity sold was 21 million in cash and 400 thousand dollars."

The statement said that "the Iraqi Central Bank to continue buying and selling dollars at 1166 dinars," adding that "the sale of remittances price of 1187 dinars / dollar, including the commission of the Central Bank of $ 21 dinars per dollar, with total cash sales price of the dollar in 1190 dinars / USD, including the commission Bank Central of 24 dinars per dollar. "

Economist accuses Turkey and Saudi Arabia lured Iraqi commercial companies to leave the country

Information / special / ..
Abbas accused economist weighted, Wednesday, Saudi Arabia and Turkey to paralyze the economic activity in the country because of the lure of Iraqi companies to work in their countries.

He told weighted / information / that "dozens of large companies, especially the Iraqi special migrated to Turkey and Saudi Arabia and Jordan."

He added that "the majority of these companies have moved out of the country because of the temptations that you find from these countries," explaining that "the goal is to paralyze the economic activity in the country and emptied of any commercial activity."

He pointed to the weighted that "the government did not care for the migration of companies and silent towards this process despite knowing this serious matter," and urged "the Ministry of Commerce and all parties concerned to prevent the transmission of the Iraqi commercial companies out of the country for whatever reason."
The country is going through a severe financial crisis as a result of a severe drop in oil prices by more than half and the high costs of the war on terrorism, at a time when the government is seeking to follow the policy of austerity and reduce Alinvqat.anthy / 25 R

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